Silent Tapes are a dynamic husband and wife duo of filmmakers, specialising in music videos and commercials. Having started their career as documentary photographers, they subsequently travelled over 20 countries in the last few years, and have had their work exhibited at the UN Headquarters and the Tate Modern. Their journey into film-making launched with an opportunity to turn their passion into music video format, which has developed their expertise into a combination of precise story-telling, metaphorical references, and abstract realism that is as stylish as it is uniquely emotive.

With collective backgrounds in Acting and Music, silent tapes are quickly gaining the attention of well-respected, notable clients such as Virgin EMI, Warner Music, Atlantic Records, Downtown Records, [PIAS] Recordings, Dirty Hit, Carl Zeiss, Puma and many others. Their work has been featured by numerous top curators including MTV, The Fader, Creative Review, and Booooooom. 


"It's difficult to describe Thais and get to express what her photos really make you feel, and that's why I'm going to use a metaphor that works well with her work. I have always imagined her mind as a prism, substituting the angular edges for the intricate contours of her brain. What a priori can be only light, transforms into something different through it, its creativity is a weapon of massive creation, a rainbow of lights and shadows that tells stories.
Nothing is as we see it, the reality around us is an image that our brain imagines, dogs see differently and an ant probably has a perception so different from the world that it would be impossible to understand. Thais achieves precisely that, to change the way she sees the world, to perceive it through her photographs as a dreamlike fantasy of colors, smoke and impossible textures, her strength is that, to make any place magical... " - Joy Zamora Roldán

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“I am Citlalli Rico, a Mexican photographer passionate about green leaves, visual arts and constant learning. I have been a wedding photographer for 11 years and sharing my experiences for 7 years everywhere Iʼve been called to. I truly believe we, as photographers, have the mission of capturing meaningful images for us and others."

Accomplishments and awards:
Fearless Photographer of the Year 2011
Top ten Fearless Photographers 2012, 2015
Top ten International Inspiration Photographers 2014, 2015, 2016 ISPWP top ten Quarters 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015
Junebug Best of the Best 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
Top 100 International Wedding Photographers SLR Lounge 2016 


We are Hafenliebe Wedding Photography Collective: Jessy and Björn, Living in the seaport city of Hamburg. We love the taste of salty sea air and the felling of wind in our hair. We love to explore, to capture raw and pure emotions between people. We love weddings the most, when it´s all about the what and how our couples want this to be for them, not how they want this to be prestigious to others. It´s not about how much money they put in it, but how much heart and soul they carry along the way. For us photography is a matter of heart. We love to capture emotions and moments in a way others can feel them, even years later. It´s wonderful to preserve this moments forever so people can experience their feelings again. At weddings hearts beat faster, hands are shaky and emotions are overwhelming. We preserve all these things through our photographs for our couples and their future generations, so they can look back on it and tell their future grandchildren their story with a smile on their faces.


We are Natan and Esther. Very experienced ( +25 years ) couple of photographers specialized in passionate storytelling of timeless weddings worldwide with powerful authenticity, capturing the real emotions with an unique artistic and cinematic style. Natan, specially, love to teach and had a large experience as an instructor, and would love to share how much we can learn from movies as to become better wedding photographers.


I´m Lexy Parks. I've had an interest in the arts since I was a child. By age 15, I was developing my own film photography. In the darkroom, my passion began to grow and hasn't stopped since. I started modeling in university, working with talented photographers in both Toronto and New York City. It opened my eyes to new possibilities for my own art. In 2013, I was given my first DSLR camera. Digital photography was a whole new world, giving me both colour and versatility I wasn't accustomed to. I immediately dove into self portraiture, using it as a medium to expand my knowledge and drive my artistic direction. I've spent the past three years honing my skills with incredible mentors, workshops, and self discovery. 


I'm Laura Babb but you can call me Babb.  I love Star Trek more than I reasonably should, I often dress like a five year old child even though I'm a fully grown woman, I love bright colours and glitter and watching cat videos on youtube. 

I am passionate about running a successful, sustainable and ethical photography business. I have over 200 weddings under my belt in five years as a full time business owner, and I also run SNAP Photography Festival. 

My work has been featured everywhere from Hello Magazine to Cosmopolitan and last year I was lucky enough to be named one of Rangefinder Magazine's 30 Rising Stars of worldwide wedding photography. If that all sounds a bit braggy I refer you back to my earlier comments about Star Trek and dressing like a child.... More than anything I am passionate about community and sharing knowledge.  I am also quite partial to dancing badly after consuming beer. 

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Hey all! My name is Naomi van der Kraan and I live in a little town in The Netherlands, with my awesome husband Ronald en two lovely kids Iris and Olaf. I'm a wedding- and boudoir photographer and I love to capture life in it's most pure, artistic and emotional way possible. The beauty I see in people, the connections that they have and the stories they tell, are my greatest source of inspiration. I can't wait to meet you all and have an amazing time together! 

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Hey there! We are Don (Philippines) + Helen (Mexico) and our little baby Emily (Mexi-Pine) and Canary Islands is our lovely home paradise! It´s been a couple of years now since we started to be destination wedding photographers… what we love most is to listen about our clients… their story… their awesome plans for their big day!!! As you have seen in our photographs we love having fun and doing crazy stuff and most of the times that is what you will see in our wedding photography assignments.

“Tell the complete story… as it unfolds, without lies nor repetitions…. full of emotions!!!” This is our rule of thumb every time we go out and shoot a wedding around our islands or for a destination wedding in another country… We LOVE to travel, and we will travel anywhere the couple´s wedding might be… a huge fiesta wedding in Spain or a gorgeous elopement on another continent… we are so into meeting new people from different culture, country… enjoying their exquisite food and landscapes… so many differences and varieties but everywhere we go one thing always stays the same… everybody loves… everybody wants to be remembered… almost everyone we met through these travels keeps their own printed albums, where their story and their families are written to last for a lifetime or more…


Hi I’m Chadwick, I enjoy short walks and spicy foods. I enjoy singing in the shower and the car, however nobody else enjoys being around when it happens.  I dance terribly in public. And talk to random strangers. 

I studied electrical engineering in school. Geeking out about new technology, data backup, pricing, the math and technical of lighting makes me SOOOO happy. 

I am a commercial and wedding photographer that spends 50% of the year traveling around the world for work. Salt Lake City, Utah is pretty much where I store my clothes.